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Are you looking for truly individual furniture that suits you as much as your home environment?
And expecting reliable quality at a reliable price?
Then you've come to the right place.

What we will give you:


  • Furniture in carpentry quality,
  • for self-assembly and fully assembled,
  • extensive selection, fixed prices,
  • from regional suppliers,
  • ready for delivery within 2 weeks.

Configure your furniture yourself. Really easy, really safe.

Furniture made to size – the thinking behind aufmass_i

We thought hard about how we could make our furniture more sustainable. The factors undoubtedly include a timeless style, but equally important are good quality and maximum flexibility.


We, the founders of aufmass_i, are all in the furniture industry. We know only too well just how resources are exploited for the furniture industry and how much damage is caused by short-lived furniture. And of course, we also know that furniture not only has to suit the interior style, but often also has to adapt to the existing architecture.



What we also know:
a truly favourite item of furniture has to last a lot longer today than what is generally known as fast furniture. And all this knowledge gave rise to the idea of making furniture made to size affordable through a good network of carpenters and producers while at the same time offering maximum individuality and reliability. All in connection with a configurator that you can use to plan, configure and order your chosen furniture made to size - online.

The result is aufmass_i, a service provider that makes it easy for you to compose your individual furniture made to size, and to obtain it from a reliable carpenter at a fixed price.


Furniture ideally from a carpenter

Yes, that's right - it's best to obtain furniture made to size from a trusted carpenter. Usually the carpenter will come to you, measure up, show you colour and material samples, and design your furniture for you. Then they will get to work, order the materials, cut it all out, and work away at it. It's something they're really good at, but it also takes a lot of time. Time that - of course - has to be paid for.


And that's where we come in. Whether a wardrobe, shelf unit, chest of drawers or sideboard; kitchen furniture or a cabinet for the bathroom, our configurator allows you to configure your furniture in your own time from the comfort of your sofa. And when you've done that, your order is passed on to a carpenter in your area.

Delivery or collection: the choice is yours

And then you can decide:

  • Do you want to collect your furniture from there and assemble it yourself? In that case, all the materials will be with your carpenter within 14 days of ordering it, and you can then simply collect it, free of charge.
  • Or do you need a little more service? Delivery, assembly, or perhaps help with the measuring as well? You can arrange all this with the joiner or carpenter who receives your order.

As you can see, it can be really easy to order a highly individual, beautiful and exclusive item of furniture made to size.

Why not try it out: this way to the configurator

Planning and configuring furniture made to size online

Perhaps you've been looking for a cupboard, shelf unit or sideboard made to size for a while now, but haven't yet been able to find the right thing? You can use our online configurator to plan wardrobes for a sloping ceiling, your made-to-measure shelf unit or a sideboard really easily, choose the fronts and material in peace, decide on the surface quality yourself, and then order it for delivery in 14 days.


Why not try it out: this way to the configurator

Transparent pricing, a fixed price, reliable handling

What you can rely on:

  • you'll receive furniture in the best quality
  • you'll instantly receive a reliable price
  • you'll have an expert contact in your area
  • you'll be able to collect your order in 14 days
  • you decide whether and what level of service you want

Why not try it out: this way to the configurator